The USA is not a team player

In world affairs the USA is not a team player.

There are so many ways the USA has taken advantage of other countries around our planet that I am not be able list them all. Yes, there are aggressors to which we (US citizens and government) must not back down; I am strongly in favor of having a staunch defence. But our actions toward other countries and peoples are clearly aggressive and even deplorable in many ways and this undermines the value and reputation of being an American. I am really sick and tired of being hated because of the way my government acts abroad and want for all of us (citizens) to hold our government accountable.

Issue 1: CIA interrogation techniques

Today (March 31, 2014) I am focusing on the latest account of despicable behavior by the CIA: apparently misrepresenting their interrogation program to the US Senate.


Washington Post: CIA misled on interrogation program, Senate report says

(The NY Times article on the report)

Of highest concern is this quote from a joint letter from twenty-six former commanders — including retired marine generals Joseph Hoar, former commander-in-chief of United States Central Command, and Charles Krulak, former commandant of the marine corps—

“As retired generals and admirals, we know that torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment produces unreliable results and often impedes further intelligence collection. Torture is unlawful, immoral and counterproductive.”

(see Senate intelligence committee approves 6,000-page report on CIA interrogation of terrorists)

This admission by former top military leaders that they know torturous interrogation is unreliable and counterproductive should be enough to completely stop CIA activities that engage in this kind of conduct on the spot. Yet the CIA and various members of our government persist in defending this behavior?! I AM OUTRAGED! If this is indeed happening PEOPLE WHO CONDONE THIS APPROACH SHOULD BE RELIEVED OF THEIR JOBS/DUTIES and banned from public office and military positions!

The ACLU has been following this issue for a while: ACLU torture accountability, however the current administration is not exempt and has not fixed the problem.

Issue 2: Covert destabilization of foreign governments

If any of the accusations found in this post are accurate, we need a major overhaul of many government activities abroad. This is a completely unacceptable way of promoting citizen rights in other countries. We Americans need to hold our leaders accountable for the actions they take, or encourage, or “allow” to happen on our behalf.

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